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Sean - Bellevue CrossfitHey my name is Sean Bissell, and I'm probably a lot like you. I heard about Crossfit awhile ago, but was pretty skeptical until one of my buddies started going and absolutely loved it.

He recommended I go check it out myself. So I did.

I thought I might absolutely hate it, but I was completely wrong.

After my first workout I was hooked. It was so awesome.

Little did I know, there was a secret reason why I liked it so much. And believe me, the reason I got hooked, is important to you too...

What's the reason? Well I had no idea at the time, but the gym in Bellevue that I had been going to is run by the absolute best trainers in the entire country. If not the entire world.

That's a big claim to make, but it's true, and I can prove it. The trainers at NWCrossfit in Bellevue have many members who are complete beginners, and their trainers also recently won the prestigious "Affiliate Cup" at the last Crossfit games.

That means that with Northwest Crossfit in Bellevue, you are a perfect fit, whether you're a complete out of shape beginner, or if you need an extreme challenge. They've got you covered both ways.

No other Crossfit gym can say that in Washington State, or I would even realistically say the entire USA.

Check it out:

Crossfit Affiliate Cup

And you've gotta see this cool video of part of the event:

The games are only held once a year, and it's a world wide event, people come in from all over the globe to compete, and the folks at NWCrossfit totally destroyed the competition. They actually did so well that they racked up enough points where they basically won the entire competition with the first event. And with the number of very qualified people there, from all over the planet, that's really saying something.

So you know you're getting trained by the best. They'll get you in the best shape of your life, and they'll do it right, and injury free.

Here's just a few success stories:

before after

Lose weight

Lose Weight

The NWCrossfit Bellevue location is also very large, spacious, and is very new compared to a lot of other locations in regards to their equipment, and facility.

Here's a picture:

Crossfit Gym

The truth of the matter is that some Crossfit gyms are better than others. And a few in Bellevue are basically a gym in some dude's garage, who has no clue what he's doing...

So if you're thinking about joining a Crossfit gym. NWCrossfit in Bellevue really has everything you would ever need, and more. Plus, you can check it out, and even workout for free your first time.

As a quick review, NWCrossfit Bellevue has:
  • The top trainers in the world. (really)
  • A great location
  • Spacious gym
  • New equipment
  • Free first workout
  • And much much more...
Honestly, there's not even a point in going anywhere else. You should at the very least, check it out. Tour the facility, and talk to the trainers.

Where is NW Crossfit in Bellevue?

Here's the address:

12121 Northup Way Suite #110
Bellevue, WA 98005

But how do you actually get there?

If you know where Lowes hardware in Bellevue is, it's actually right across the street.

Here's a picture of a map.

NW Crossfit Bellevue

Here's a little more detail...

Map Large Drawing

Here's a link to the map on Google

The trick is that when you turn next to Lowes, you have to keep driving down the driveway until you get ALL the way to the end. The crossfit will be on your left.

Here's what the driveway looks like that you have to drive down.

Street level crossfit

So why am I writing this review?

NWCrossfit is trying to grow their membership right now, and I wholeheartedly support that effort. And if you sign up and let them know that Sean Bissell referred you, I'll give you a $50 rebate.

50 Bucks

That's right, $50 cold hard cash, I can give it to you through PayPal, or I can meet you in person. (I'm at the Bellevue Crossfit location every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm.)

How and why would I give you $50 just for signing up? Well, in the effort to grow the Bellevue NWCrossfit, the owner is offering a discount on my monthly dues if I find people to sign up. And I want to give you a peice of that for putting your faith in me and NWCrossfit Bellevue.

How do you get your rebate from me? It's very simple...

1.) Just enter your Full Name and email into the form below right now.
2.) I'll give you a quick email confirming I got your information.
3.) Sign up at the Bellevue location and let them know that Sean Bissell referred you.
4.) Then just email me back, or at and let me know you signed up. Then I'll rush you your $50 in whatever way you'd like. (Paypal, check, or in person.)

Enter Your Details Below To Grab Your $50 Discount

If you go to NW Crossfit in Bellevue, then print out this cupon and give it to one of the trainers. (Hopefully you'll give it to Walter, he's cool.) Then they'll give you a free workout just to make sure you like it. Then when you sign up. Let them know Sean Bissell sent you, and make sure to let me know you did. That way I can give you your $50.

Sean Money

And that's it. Check it out today, don't wait, you'll absolutely love it, and if you don't you don't have to pay anything to find out. It's a free workout, and if you do sign up, then you get $50 back.

So what are you waiting for? Go workout at the best Crossfit location on the planet, and go train with the top trainers today. Don't settle for less, go to NWCrossfit.

Thanks, and see ya at the gym!






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