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Still Sick And Tired Of Your Workout Schedule?

May 25th, 2008 . by Lindsey McGuire

Have you ever been sick and tired planning your day around your workout schedule?

I have, believe me my idea of fun after work isn’t going running in the rain for an hour. Although I am always glad I did it when I’m done… my new methodology consists of fun fitness!

Who wouldn’t want to go running down steep hills and hike back up beautiful forested trails, there is nothing like hearing owls, birds and all of those cool nature sounds any day of the week.

Seriously, I am so lucky to live where I do, I can hike up densely packed tree canopy trails and feel only a few cool drops of rain on even a torrential rain day, and it feels awesome on your hot skin when it does.

The awesome thing about doing a hike is that when you are down at the bottom, you have no choice but to make it back up to the top, that is unless you plan to camp out for a while. 

Finding fun activities that get your heart rate up and motivate you to finish are an essential key to any healthy lifestyle.

Try walking into town, get a treat but keep moving.

Sean and I often have ran into town grabbed a smoothie, a latte’ or even breakfast and then walked the five or six miles back. You don’t have to go full force all of the time just keep active and have fun.

The less of a chore you make exercising and the more fun you have with it the more likely you will make it a continuing part of your life.

So keep it fun and enjoy your healthy lifestyle!

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When Fitness Becomes Just “Silly”

May 21st, 2008 . by Sean Bissell

Have you ever wished that you could just be a kid again?

Go back in time to when exercising was just “fun” and nothing else.

Back when they called working out “recess” and you actually looked forward to it, and even watched the clock to LET you go out and “play.”

And you played tag, and wall ball, and tether ball, and four square, and when you just ran around just to run around?

What happened to those days?

Fast forward to the present day… Now running around for the sheer fun of it has been replaced by whines of “Aww do I have to?!” Or… “I’m only doing it because I know it’s good for me.”

Well I’ve got a simple, easy, and fun way to kiss those woes goodbye.

Are you ready for it?…


Here it is!


And it’s absolutely CRAZY!

At least if you play the way we do :)

I recently got myself talked into joining a team, and just for the sheer ridiculousness of it all, I said yes… under the condition that we get to look and act as goofy as humanly possible.

So the deal was made, and I haven’t missed a game yet :)

Yep that’s me on the left giving everyone two-thumbs-up for dodgeball.

I’ve never felt like such a kid again.

And the craziest part is that it gets you really sore the next day!

It’s a great cardio workout too!

Can you say “Duck! Dodge! Dive!?”

And even when you’re worn out, you just keep playing, because your team needs you, and during the game it’s hard to even notice you’re tired because you’re constantly looking out for the next ball to dodge or distracted by the one whizzing by your head.

After the game ends though, you notice that your heart rate is way up, you’re breathing hard, and you’re really sweaty!

Even when you’re losing you still get a great workout, so you’re always a winner in the end. (At least from a fitness perspective :) )

So here’s to dodgeball, and here’s to being silly and getting a great workout without even noticing.

(Yes that’s me in my “goofy as heck” dodgeball outfit ready to kick some dodgeball butt!)

Now go have fun, go be a kid again, and go burn some calories while you have fun!

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Here’s to silliness!