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8 Seconds The Key To Easy Weight Loss?

May 14th, 2009 . by Sean Bissell

I’ve been out of the blog for a bit, while working on some other projects, and refining and researching more ways to lose weight easily and effortlessly while still eating your favorite foods.

One thing that has caught my attention, and I thought you may want to know about it is a study that was actually done in 2007 in Australia.

Some researchers at the University of NSW and also the Garvan Institute had studied 45 overweight women over 15 weeks.

They put them through a 20 minute cycling program where they “sprinted” on a stationary bike for eight seconds followed by 12 seconds of light cycling.

What was the result?

“They lost three times more weight as other women who exercised at a continuous, regular pace for 40 minutes,” UNSW Associate Professor Steve Boutcher said.

Three times the weight, with half the time?


I’ve been trying the workout myself with Lindsey and I’ve got to say, while it sounds pretty easy in theory. It’s actually pretty tough to keep that 8 seconds on 12 seconds off pace for a full 20 minutes.

But it’s much less time, it’s not THAT hard. And it really does seem to work.

Lindsey’s not actively trying extremely hard to lose any weight, but she has lost about 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks. And we’ve only been doing this workout about 2 times a week.

We’ve not been cycling though. We go to the park with the dogs, and they have some running trails there.

Basically, we jog a medium pace up a steep hill for 8 seconds, then walk for 12. And repeat.

You do have to keep your heart rate in check for this exercise. It can get going very quick, and you don’t want to go over your maximum heart rate for your age.

If you don’t know your max heart rate you can find out here:

Max heart rate calculator

Anyhow, I think the key to the success of this exercise may actually be by raising the chemical compounds found in your body called catecholamines. These can help increase burning fat in trouble areas, or just in general.

This type of exercise almost seems like it might have a “rowing” effect. Where it kind of “sucks” out your fat burning chemicals and saturates your body with them.

I think more research needs to be done on this type of exercise, but it certainly has promise.

And I think it’s kind of fun too.

Here’s more info on the study for reference.

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4 Tips to Make Running Fun - and Tasty

November 22nd, 2008 . by Sean Bissell

While you don’t have to run to lose weight or stay in shape, it still is one of the most efficient ways to work out, keep yourself healthy, and burn some calories.

The reason why running is more efficient is mainly because it burns calories faster than other exercises like walking, biking, hiking, etc. So while it’s not necessary, it does take less time to see the same results. In addition it strengthens your, lungs, and helps tone your legs, etc.

Plus it helps increase your endurance, and gives you a nice little natural high when you’re done. So for those reasons I do enjoy running.

But honestly, I can’t stand running without something to make it fun for me. Because if I’m just running around a track, or on a busy road, or on a treadmill then I get bored out of my mind, and it’s just no fun.

If you’re going to work out, it’d better be fun, or else you’ll never stick with it, and you’ll never get any real results from your efforts. (And that’s very frustrating)

So what I like to do to make running fun is to:


#1 - Run to a reward

Personally my favorite is to run into town and get some good food. I like a local coffee shop in my area that has awesome coffee and scones. Usually on Saturday Lindsey, Clover and myself will run into town and pick up some tasty breakfast there. (In fact we did that today and that’s what the video above is about)

And when you run to get breakfast, if you do it right, you’ll neutralize any calories you eat for breakfast which really helps with losing weight, and you still get to eat some great food and have your favorite drink too.


#2 - Get a nice view

Running in boring areas is mind numbing, and makes you focus on how tired you are, or how long you’ve been running. Because running is a big mental game, if you’re bored you’ll usually think you’re more tired than you really are. And if that happens either you’ll think that running is pure torture, you’ll stop, or you will just not enjoy yourself.

If you choose a spot to run that is interesting, has fun things to look at, and distracts yourself from the fact that you are running, then running can actually be enjoyable and fun.

Personally, I like running by the water, or in big parks with lots of trails, trees, animals, etc.

I also really like running with our dog Clover, because she usually enjoys herself so much that the excitement rubs off on me and I find myself having more fun as a result.


#3 - Don’t take your run too seriously

If you need to take a break, go for it. You’re not running a race here, you’re running because you want to. And if you need a break, take it. Just walk it off, and resume whenever you feel comfortable.

If you make it a point to make running uncomfortable by pushing your limits (unless you enjoy that) then you’ll never keep running because who enjoys uncomfortable experiences? No one.

And you can only take so much of a bad thing before you quit. So allow yourself some room for error. It’s really not that big of a deal.


#4 - Run somewhere fun then walk back

If you don’t run in a loop, (where you start somewhere and then finish your run in the same spot), then you can run just as far as you would on a “loop run.” And then you can walk back from the end of the run. This way you can cool down for longer, and you’ll get a nice walk on the way back.

Personally, if you have the time, I find this much more relaxing and you get the benefit of burning more calories, because you not only took a run, but you also went on a walk as well.

I find the walk back from a run therapeutic, relaxing, and fun. Especially because of the nice endorphins that are pumping through your veins after you’re done running. (That’s what people usually mean when they say “a natural high.”)


My personal recommendation

So if you’re thinking about starting running to lose some pounds, my personal recommendation is to make it a fun and rewarding experience. Don’t take the run too seriously, have fun, and make it exciting, not boring.

If you can find ways to make running a positive experience, you’ll not only be able to have fun while doing it, but you’ll get in shape much quicker as well. Because you’ll stick with it much longer than you would if you make running a boring, torturous and horrible experience.

What are you waiting for? Go out there and have fun!

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Happy Late Halloween!

November 2nd, 2008 . by Sean Bissell

I know it’s over now…

But Lindsey and I just wanted to wish you a Happy Late Halloween, and to have a little fun, we decided to post a few pictures.

We had a great Halloween, and we hope you did too!

Hope you enjoy the pics! :)

Here’s us getting ready to go out for the night. (I’m Barf the “mog” from Space Balls, I’m half man half dog, I’m my own best friend! And Lindsey was princess Leia/Vespa, whichever one you want. ) We’re such nerds huh? :)

Here’s us outside having fun. Notice the really tall guy in the background? He actually built stilts that made him about 10 feet tall. It was an awesome costume!

Even Clover wanted to get in on the fun, check out her hip get-up. She wanted to come out and have fun with us too, but she had to stay home and give out all the trick-or-treaters their candy.

Anyhow, that’s a quick window into our Halloween.

If you’ve got any cool pics or stories, we’d love to hear ‘em. Just enter them in the comments below.

Until next time, happy late Halloween!

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