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How to Lose Weight and Stay Toned

One major key to staying toned while losing weight might seem deceptively simple, but it really works.

I’m not going to string you along here, I’ll just tell you. Here it is… eat enough protein.

Now that sounds too easy right? But it’s really one of the most effective ways to answer the question “how to lose weight and stay toned.”

Lean muscle is created by protein, and it is your lean muscle that keeps the undersides your arms firm, and prevents them from waving back and forth without your permission. Many people, when trying to lose weight, cut out a lot of their protein sources and when dieting choose salads and vegetables as their main source of nutrition. As a result many good protein sources are left out.

The best protein source I have found when trying to lighten up have been egg whites because they are almost 100% protein, and are absorbed very well by your body. Honestly, they get really old after a while, but I have found some creative tasty recipes to make them more appetizing. One of them is a great protein packed and tasty egg white quiche, it’s really easy to make and is great for weight loss. (I’ll probably show you how to make it in a future video recipe, so be on the lookout.)

I also am a big fan of yoghurt, not the super sugary high calorie yoghurts, but the more natural corn syrup free variety. The brand I love the most only has 110 calories and about 7 grams of protein. If you are careful you will notice even the organic varieties often contain corn syrup, not that there is anything wrong with this, but I have noticed it tends to make foods have more calories. Calories are unfortunately something that has to be managed if you want to lose weight, and the more food I can eat the happier I am, so I pay attention to the “empty” calories my food contains.

The amount of protein you need to have in your diet varies on your weight. You should try to consume as many grams of protein a day as you weigh in pounds. For example, if you weigh 134 pounds you should try to get 134 grams of protein a day, that’s about 536 calories. The great thing about protein is that most high protein foods are very filling.

Whey protein shakes are another great way and easy way to get your protein in. Better quality mixes have at least 20 grams of protein and less than 100 calories. Low fat cottage cheese with some mandarin oranges or blueberries is also a great option, because cottage cheese is very high in protein and when it’s mixed with fruit it usually tastes great as well.

It is important to find creative ways to get protein into your diet. Even combining flavorless protein powder into recipes like banana bread, or possibly even brownies could potentially be a healthy protein packed treat.

In addition to getting your protein and calories right, adding a moderate weight resistance routine can really help turbo charge your results. The reason why is because adding resistance to your muscles by either lifting weights, doing yoga, Pilates, or anything similar will trigger your body to use all that protein you’re eating even better. Adding a resistance training program will really start toning, and tightening up all those flabby areas much faster.

Losing weight is challenging and frustrating at times, but it is important to keep it healthy. Starving yourself will not work if your goal is long term. Proper nutrition and a well balanced lifestyle are important factors. Enough protein in your diet, and a simple walk, hike or bike ride can do wonders if done consistently, burning extra unwanted calories and keeping at it will start showing results before you know it.

The key is staying consistent and actually paying attention to how many calories and how much protein is in your foods (as well as carbohydrates, and fat.) Our free diet creation tool called OK-Cal figures out all those details for you, and helps you stay on track. So you don’t need to know everything about how to lose weight and stay toned, our free diet creation tool does that for you. Click here to download OK-Cal now.

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