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8 Seconds The Key To Easy Weight Loss?

I’ve been out of the blog for a bit, while working on some other projects, and refining and researching more ways to lose weight easily and effortlessly while still eating your favorite foods.

One thing that has caught my attention, and I thought you may want to know about it is a study that was actually done in 2007 in Australia.

Some researchers at the University of NSW and also the Garvan Institute had studied 45 overweight women over 15 weeks.

They put them through a 20 minute cycling program where they “sprinted” on a stationary bike for eight seconds followed by 12 seconds of light cycling.

What was the result?

“They lost three times more weight as other women who exercised at a continuous, regular pace for 40 minutes,” UNSW Associate Professor Steve Boutcher said.

Three times the weight, with half the time?


I’ve been trying the workout myself with Lindsey and I’ve got to say, while it sounds pretty easy in theory. It’s actually pretty tough to keep that 8 seconds on 12 seconds off pace for a full 20 minutes.

But it’s much less time, it’s not THAT hard. And it really does seem to work.

Lindsey’s not actively trying extremely hard to lose any weight, but she has lost about 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks. And we’ve only been doing this workout about 2 times a week.

We’ve not been cycling though. We go to the park with the dogs, and they have some running trails there.

Basically, we jog a medium pace up a steep hill for 8 seconds, then walk for 12. And repeat.

You do have to keep your heart rate in check for this exercise. It can get going very quick, and you don’t want to go over your maximum heart rate for your age.

If you don’t know your max heart rate you can find out here:

Max heart rate calculator

Anyhow, I think the key to the success of this exercise may actually be by raising the chemical compounds found in your body called catecholamines. These can help increase burning fat in trouble areas, or just in general.

This type of exercise almost seems like it might have a “rowing” effect. Where it kind of “sucks” out your fat burning chemicals and saturates your body with them.

I think more research needs to be done on this type of exercise, but it certainly has promise.

And I think it’s kind of fun too.

Here’s more info on the study for reference.

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